"Fluffy the Label" was founded in 2014 by myself, Lulu, as my university graduate collection. It was a vision of my colourful imagination: bringing to life dreams of fabulous clothes I couldn't find on the high street - so I made them myself! I'd wanted to be a fashion designer since I was 10 years old. It was always in my blood - it's my purpose in life! Once I graduated, I knew I wanted to turn it into an IRL business, so that's when it evolved into 'SHOP FLUFFY' as it's known today.


Fluffy was named after my dear cat Fluffy, who passed away many years ago. I always loved the word "fluffy", so I thought it would be the perfect name for my brand! My graduate collection was inspired by combining some of my favourite textures: crochet, sequins, leather and fluff. Though we never intended to be a completely crochet brand, we now focus on 100% cotton crochet, which is completely vegan. No wool is used here!


Fluffy is a treasure chest of fabulous handmade clothing, each piece designed and hand made with so much love and skill in every stitch. Whether it be a special occasion, a festival, or just day-to-day life of a sass queen like you, we hope you find something special that you'll cherish forever and pass down for generations to come.


What began as a label where each piece was handmade completely by myself - cut, sewn and pressed in her mum's dining room - each piece took days to perfect, and I realised my brand could never grow if I continued to hand make everything myself - it just wasn't feasible. For my time I had to charge so much for each piece, and I didn't want to run a brand that was too expensive. I wanted the average girl like me to be able to afford it - and so I started looking for a manufacturer back in 2017. Everything is and always will be designed completely by myself in Brighton UK, though we now have a team of extremely talented crocheters who bring my visions to life!

Through your purchases, we support a small family run business in a small village in Indonesia. All of our highly skilled team work from home and make everything by hand. It is not possible to crochet by machine, therefore we cannot mass produce. So this is why many of our pieces are out of stock quite often, as each piece takes a white to create. We are working on expanding our team so that we can have more stock available for you guys.

It's essential that the company we support works ethically. We work as sustainably as possible - both in business and in our personal life. We are always taking steps to run our brand more sustainably and we are always open to new ideas. Most importantly, we ensure our team are fairly paid. We pay a premium for each piece, since it takes a very talented person to be able to crochet. Our mark-up is not much, since I truly do this for my love of designing and crochet. I just want to share my crazy ideas :)

We are really proud to be launching the 'Fluffy Fund' this year, where we pledge that a percentage of every item sold will go directly back to the families of the team members who made them. Supporting our workers and their families is high priority to us, and we are really happy to be employing so many talented people, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Thank you so much for your continued support - it's truly a dream come true to finally say my childhood dream is now my job!

Lulu xoxo